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Principal's Message

Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science Ujjain

Dr. R.K.Mehta
Principal (PITS)

Principal Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science

In order to match the challenges of emerging trends in science and technology in the liberalized, dynamic & competitive environment, positive attitude, technical skills & managerial abilities are to be developed in students. At Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science students are trained theoretically and practically to acquire such attitudes and skills.

Every possible effort is being made to make them competent visionary, trendsetter, conscientious citizen of the society. Institute's sprawling lush green campus, scenic surrounding, excellent infrastructure & facilities provide an unforgettable experience.

To be successful in life, have ambitions and define your goals clearly. Discipline and hard work is the key to success. Be regular in your classes and focus on your goals. Yourconcertedefforts with the able guidance of your teachers would definitely provide you a blissful and successful life.

I sincerely wish a splendid & shining future to all the students who choose to enroll here.

Principal Prashanti College of Professional Studies

At B.Ed and D.El.Ed College in Ujjain, we strive to develop in each student a positive attitude towards teaching profession, positive self concept and an enthusiasm for self learning. The college offers a variety of programs and learning opportunity for students and teacher.

We believe that Education cannot be imparted in vacuum to the children, It is only a teacher who can shape the clay and mould it according to the requirements of time and trends of the society. There is no doubt that education is the instrument of social change. But it is the teacher who plays his positive role in bringing such a change. The teacher has to identify the talents and potentials hidden in the learner and nurture these. Teacher is bestowed with the greatest responsibility of nurturing the mind of learners. Practical aspect of training the teachers is emphasized and taken care of special attention to foster among its faculty and students.

Ujjain has ancient ashram of Maharshi Sandipani, that is considered to be the learning place of Lord Krishna along with his elder brother Balarama and his friend Sudama. It has also a strong connection with the history of Indian empire as it has been the ruled by the world famous king Chandragupta II.

Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science Ujjain

Dr. Jyoti Maiwal
Principal (PCPS)

Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science Ujjain

Dr. Suyash Jhawar
Director (PIM)

Director Prashanti Institute of Business Management

Prashanti Institute of Management, Ujjain is a vibrant and proactive management institute which provides education, research, training and consultancy in management to fulfil the needs of industry, business and government at large.

The Institute in the last twelve years has managed to provide its students with learning culture along with the benefits of innovative pedagogy and exposure to top academicians, leaders and practitioners. Due to globalization, a big challenge before us is to produce effective managers is a welcome opportunity and I am confident that our students are capable enough to compete, sustain and achieve their desired goals.


Principal Prashanti Institue of Industrial training

Prashanti Industrial Training Institute Ujjain is a sure success destination for trainees who want to excel in the present industrial scenario in the country. The trained Trainees of PIIT Ujjain are working with top companies, as well as self employed and giving employment opportunities to others.

Instead of being afraid of such prestigious national level career, you must get ready to afford hard work under proper guidance. In this competitive era, you must check out your strategy to build up your career well in advance because your little bit late decision can give a big land to your competitors. It has been my Observation that most of such people go ahead during the time but others waste. Because success of a person depends on a series of little daily efforts which one has to earn it in proper time. If you want to be successful in Life then you must have to believe in action. Build up your career and let the dreams of your parents turn into reality. We think you would never like to lag behind your friends who already have decided their line of action because, the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine & we, at Prashanti Institute of Industrial Training will take care of even your seconds.

Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science Ujjain

Principal (ITI)

Prashanti Institute of Technology & Science Ujjain

Ms. Varsha Joshi
Head of the Department

Head of the Department BBA/B.Com

We at Prashanti College of Professional Studies follow a skilled teaching style with essence of theory and practical which guides the students to become an impressive leader with an enterpreneal mindset. With Prashanti students embrace innovation, gain tools to be highly competitive, stand in the global network and get remarkable placements.

We always believe in implementing action in learning..